Stalybridge War Memorial

Stalybridge War Memorial, Tameside  is located on the north side  of Trinity Street where  it meets Market Street. Sculpted by F.B. Blundstone  a native of Stalybridge and unveiled November 6, 1921.

The memorial takes the form of a bridgehead, in the shape of eclipse, over the river tame at the entrance to Trinity Street. It comprises two pedestals, each 10ft high either side of Trinity Street. Each pedestal bears an 8ft high bronze figures.The original memorial measures 110ft from wing to wing. The wing walls are 5ft high and terminate at secondary pedestals topped by lions crouching. The names are carved on polished granite, and the base of a memorial is finished with a border of fluorite spar.

The pedestal bears the town coat of arms, in stone and, written on it is: 1914 1918. Jutland, Zeebrugge. The Falkland Isles. The inscription: Remember the love of them who came not home from the war. See you to it that they shall not have died in vain.

On the other side of Trinity Street is the army pedestal, topped by an angel ministering to a dying soldier. It too bears the coat of arms with 1914 1918, with Marne, Ypres, &  Somme. The inscription: All you who pass by remember with gratitude the men of Stalybridge who died for you.

Marguerite Rami

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