Modern War Poetry

Hard hitting war poetry by members of armed services in recent wars and civilians with special interest in war and peace.

Anti-war poetry. Pro-war poetry.

Poetry of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Falklands, Kosovo, Vietnam.


Information about modern books of war poems.

On this page

Index to the sections of modern war poetry and a few modern war poets of special interest. 

A school in Yemen

Baghdad attacked

Index to Modern War Poetry on this site

(More to be transferred from previous  website later 2019.)

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Iraq War  -  An introduction

Iraq War Poems 1  -  poems from the start of the war

Iraq War Poems 2

Iraq War Poems 3

Iraq War Poems 4

Iraq War Poems 5

War Poems 2006

War Poems 2007

War Poems 2008

War Poems 2009

War Poems 2010

Afghanistan War Poems

Falklands War poems 1982

Kosovo War Poetry

David Roberts war and peace poems

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