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Urgent update

War poetry books published by Saxon Books are currently not available to supply to booksellers. This is because the warehousing company holding stocks is transferring millions of books (belonging to numerous publishers) to new warehouses and the process has hit major logistical difficulties. Huge quantities of books are stored in temporary warehouses awaiting delivery to a new distribution centre from which they may be selected and dispatched.

Books affected include

  • Minds at War - a major anthology of poetry of the First World War. (Illustrated)

  • Out in the Dark  -  a collection of First World War poems in context and with basic notes (Illustrated)

  • Falklands War Poetry

  • French Poems of the Great War

  • Cockerels and Vultures poems by a French First World War poet

  • Remembrance Poems and Readings

  • Kosovo War Poetry

The problem for book buyers

The books listed above can realistically only be bought second-hand and any new copies of our titles held by booksellers are likely to be offered at very high prices. As an example, today (25 March 2022), Amazon's website offered links to vendors of second-hand copies and new copies of Minds at War  -  "21 Used from £0.75,  2 New from £53.061".  

This is an extraordinary situations and calamitous for many companies. We, like many publishers, are in the hands of the warehousing company. A spokesperson says our books should be available from mid-May.

War Poetry and Remembrance Poetry 

Books and advice

Minds at War - major anthology of First World War poetry

Out in the Dark - an anthology of First World War poetry for students

French poems of the First World War

Remembrance poems and Readings

Choosing war poetry books

Which Wilfred Owen book of his poetry and which Wilfred Owen biography?

Wilfred Owen books (poems, letters, biographies) Buying links on this page

Poetry of the Falklands War

Poetry of the Kosovo War

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