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Poems by servicemen and others affected by the war

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About Falklands War Poetry


What war poetry can do is give clear and moving insight into the varied human experiences of war.

Here, men who were at the heart of the action in this short but, at times, terrifying and very significant war, tell their stories and reveal what has happened to them as a consequence of their war experiences. But more than this . . .

A wide-ranging war poetry book
Exceptionally, for a war poetry book, Falklands War Poetry looks at the war from four sides.

We hear from a fourth generation Falkland Islander who expresses her appreciation and affection for the islands, and gratitude for the courage and sacrifice of those who fought to save the islands.
British soldiers and sailors tell of their intense experiences as they battled to win the war.

We learn in frank detail of the traumatic effects of the war on many soldiers.

Servicemen's wives tell of the lingering effects of the war on their families. 

From Argentina, two soldiers tell of their experiences as conscripts snatched from their studies to take part in the war.


And a range of writers from across the political spectrum reveal how Argentine society came, in the main, to regret as a foolish and shameful episode, the Argentine invasion of the islands in 1982. It becomes clear that many Argentines feel that any idea of taking over the islands should be forgotten.

At the same time we learn how Argentines are taught from their earliest days that the Falkland Islands belong to them and how today many still retain a romantic and emotional attachment to them.

The stories told in these poems are fascinating and moving. The opinions offer important insights into contrasting cultures which may hopefully lead to better mutual understanding.

Edited in the UK by David Roberts, with help from Sue Littleton in Buenos Aires.

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