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Macclesfield War Memorial

Macclesfield War Memorial is located in Park Green, Macclesfield, Cheshire,

It was unveiled in 1921.

Sculptor John Millard.

Photographs by Marguerite Rami

The design proved extremely controversial at the time, but was finally adopted. Britannia can be seen laying a crown of laurels on the body of a soldier who has died from gassing. The fallen soldier is still clutching his gas mask which he was unable to put on before being overcome. At the top of the memorial stands a female figure mourning the loss of the soldier, she represents those left behind. She losely clutches a fold of her clothing as if to wipe away the tears.


The memorial has been listed by English Heritage as one of the ten most memorable War Memorials in England.

To the front of the memorial has been placed a post to symbolise those men who were shot at dawn. It stands the exact distance away from the memorial as the men who were lined up to shoot their colleague. These  were the ‘Pals Regiments’ and so would have known each other well. The post will remain in place until November 2019. All 306 men who were shot at dawn were exonerated in 2006


Marguerite Rami.

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