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David Roberts

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David Roberts, the editor of this website, has a specialist knowledge of war poetry.

He is the editor of three successful anthologies of poetry of the First World War, two other war poetry anthologies, and a collection of his own poems about the NATO bombing of Kosovo and the conflict there.

His books (link)

He has been the editor and publisher of this website for over 20 years. He is is the editor of several other websites including which explores the issues of war and peace, nuclear weapons, the slide to war, contemporaries guilty of war crimes etc

International Relations

For many years David Roberts has been interested in international relations and in particular is concerned with matters of war and peace, and the reform of the United Nations. For two years he was a member of the Executive Committee of Action for UN Renewal.

Lessons from Iraq, the UN must be Reformed (2004) is a pamphlet, written for Action for UN Renewal.  The pamphlet is a critique of the war, the American plans to exploit Iraq, the failures of the United Nations in preventing the war and the exploitation of Iraq. It contains suggestions for reform of the UN. Only available at talks given by David Roberts.

The European Union and You (2007) a guide to the European Union, its origins, development, problems and potential. Published by Saxon Books. Hardback. 625pp. £39. Out of print.


David Roberts was born in Lincolnshire, UK, in 1942. He lives with his wife in Sussex, enjoys music, jogging, walking, swimming in the sea and rivers, gardening, politics, reading, films, tv, foreign holidays (mainly in Europe especially France and Greece), and promoting his wife's singing

He now writes frequently on his blog, where you can read an extended biography.

He runs the publishing company, Saxon Books.


Books David Roberts
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War poetry books edited by David Roberts

Minds at War book cover

Minds at War, Poetry and Experience of the First World War is one of the largest collections of poetry of WW1  - and with extensive background information. Published by Saxon Books. 400 pages. Paperback. 12th printing. £15-99. More info.

out Fr covr 25 10 13.jpg

Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War has been specially prepared for students with additional notes. Published by Saxon Books. 190 Pages. Paperback.11th printing. £10-99. More info.


We Are The Dead is a superbly produced book illustrated throughout in full colour with paintings by war artists of the various participating countries. Poems are by English, Irish, Australian, Canadian, German and French poets translated into English.

Published by The Red Horse Press. Large format. 220 pages. Hardback. £25-00. 

Remembrance cover A WEB.jpg

Remembrance Poems and Readings is a collection of well-known and less well-known poems and readings mainly by famous or important poets and historical and contemporary personages. An inspiring and invaluable source of readings for Remembrance, Memorial and Peace events. An introduction examines the historical development of remembrance events up to the present day. Published by Saxon Books.120 pages. Paperback. £11-95

Falk Cover 4n half 96 dpi JPEG.jpg

Falklands War Poetry. The experience of soldiers and sailors from Great Britain and Argentina, plus wives and Falkland Islanders. The suffering of those involved in the First World War has been well documented while the suffering of servicemen and their families, alive today, has been largely overlooked. There are no Wilfred Owens in this book but the experiences of that brief but intense war of 1982 are vividly expressed and deserve wider attention. Published by Saxon Books. 140 pages. Hardback. £14-99


Kosovo War Poetry is a collection of poems by David Roberts about the 1999 NATO bombing of Kosovo which is often presented by politicians as a "successful" war. It was, in fact, an immensely damaging war carried out in contravention of international law. The introduction and poems give some insight into what happened.

Three poems from this collection have become quite well known, The Pilot's Testament, Making or Breaking (which has been set to music by Norwegian composer, Kim Andre Arnesen, and the revised version of There will be no peace.

Published by Saxon Books. Small format paperback. 60 pages. £4-99.

French war poetry books you  may also be interested in -
translated by Ian Higgins


French Poems of the Great War translated by Ian Higgins. Till the publication of this collection of French poetry few people in England had any idea that the French, like the British, had been profuse and powerful writers of poetry about the First World War. More info.

Published by Saxon Books.185 pages. Paperback. £11-95

Fr cov B 6 8 13.jpg

The original volume of poetry, the French version of Cockerels and Vultures was published in 1917 then fell into obscurity for nearly a hundred years. Ian Higgins has translated this remarkable collection of poems.
Published by Saxon Books. 90 pages. Paperback. £9-95. More info.

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