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National Memorial Arboretum sculpture, Alrewas, UK

On this website: Poetry of the First World War

Poems of the First World War

The First World War section includes some of the most famous war poems of all time by Wilfred Owen and others. The basic notes provided with some of these poems will be useful for students.

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Rupert Brooke drawing of
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Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke and Thomas Hardy, just three of the poets that you can find biographical information about on this website.

25 First World War poets, generally short accounts of their lives, with substantial amounts on Wilfred Owen in particular.
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Wilfred Owen

Dulce et Decorum Est

Field of poppies by David Roberts

On this website: Well-known Remembrance Poems, Peace Poems, Remembrance Poems by Today's Servicemen

Remembrance Poems

The key Remembrance Poems are here together with some outstanding new poems by contemporary writers.
Here are details of a recent book of remembrance poems and speeches by famous and lesser-known people (like Abraham Lincoln, General Eisenhower, Laurence Binyon) and other remembrance and peace texts. 
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On this website: information about
war poetry books


Information can be found on this website on war poetry anthologies, and books about war poets. Link . . .

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Modern War Poetry

The modern war poems found on this website are mainly by men and women with first hand experience in wars of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. They include poems of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Falklands, Vietnam, Africa and the Israel/Palestine conflict. Some of these poems may be found in the Remembrance section of this website.

Some modern war poems are by men and women affected by war or concerned about its affects.  Click here to view list of modern war poetry sections links.

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The first wounded - John Lavery's painting. One of dozens of original First World War paintings to be found in We Are The Dead, edited by David Roberts.


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