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Remembrance Poems and Readings 

Chosen and introduced by David Roberts.

Poems, prayers, declarations, hymns for remembrance and memorial gatherings, funerals, and personal reflection.

Includes full text of Laurence Binyon's They shall grow not old and poems by William Blake, John McCrae, Edward Thomas, Charles Sorley, William Shakespeare, Samuel Francis Smith, Julia Ward Howe, Christina Rosetti.

Poems by 20th century British and American servicemen call attention to the contemporary relevance of this collection.

Thoughts on the great issues of life and death, war and peace by such people as Abraham Lincoln, General Eisenhower, William Thackeray,  John Galsworthy,  John Milton, Sigmund Freud and the Greek statesman and general - Pericles.


The chapters of
Remembrance Poems and Readings

  • Introduction - (We will remember them, Peace at this time, Understanding remembrance, The changing meaning of remembrance day events, remembrance events today.)


  • Poems and Readings for Remembrance Events

  • Peace    

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation  

  • “Why, Soldiers? Why?”  

  • Brothers in Arms   

  • Reasons for War     

  • Patriotism — Popular Patriotic and Uplifting Hymns and Songs    

  • Those Remaining    

  • Reflections on War    

  • Messages to Those Remaining    

  • “Say Not Soft Things”    

  • Personal Loss    


  • Brief introduction to international law against war   

  • Brief biographical notes on living contributors   

  • Authors’ personal introductions to their poems    

  • Details of remembrance organisations and those offering support for members of armed forces: Remembrance, Support, Peace, Human Rights

  • Copyright advice

  • Index of Titles and Authors 

Key facts about Remembrance Poems and Readings

120 pages paperback.

Poems and readings selected and introduced

by David Roberts.

Published by Saxon Books

ISBN 978-0-9528969-6-8
 £11-95 (UK).

Available from all book suppliers worldwide.
Please support your local book store if you can.

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